• Question: I think it is a great idea bringing women into engineering but what sort of engineering job would you recomend for them?

    Asked by Charlie50964 to Sonia on 15 Jun 2015.
    • Photo: Sonia Ramos Pascual

      Sonia Ramos Pascual answered on 15 Jun 2015:

      There is no one job that I would recommend for every woman. As an engineer, girls could choose from any of the current jobs that are available, from working at Formula 1, to developing new implants, going through the design of new chemical processes or testing a jet engine. An engineer is capable of doing an incredible wide range of jobs, and it does not matter if that engineer is a man or a woman. The problem is that many girls don’t know what engineering is about, and sometimes relate it to “manly work” such as heavy lifting. But actually engineering is about problem solving and being creative, and both men and women are very good at that!