• Question: I am interested in physics, but what applications does that have in engineering?

    Asked by 139artc47 to Lizzie, Chuen on 26 Jun 2015.
    • Photo: Yu Chuen Tam

      Yu Chuen Tam answered on 26 Jun 2015:

      There is quite a big overlap between physics and engineering. One example is in electronics where the physicist is concerned with how a device works such as the Hall effect device which uses magnetic field to defelect the flow of electrons. principal invented by a physicist but is used as a magnetic sensor in electronics – eg to find out how fast a wheel spins.

      But physics to very much in depth a bout how things work, where as engineers make use of the devices.

    • Photo: Elizabeth Kapasa

      Elizabeth Kapasa answered on 26 Jun 2015:

      Engineering is applied physics pretty much! So everything! Engineering uses physics to solve problems.