• Question: Did your parents give you support in your science career?

    Asked by Chirag6000 to Andrew, Lizzie, Nick, Sonia, Chuen on 17 Jun 2015. This question was also asked by FAHADKHAN.
    • Photo: Elizabeth Kapasa

      Elizabeth Kapasa answered on 17 Jun 2015:

      Interesting question. Yes I was fortunate that they did mostly. Although my Dad kept trying to persuade me to be a doctor instead – even during my degree! But he eventually came round. If you’re certain thats what you want to do and you enjoy it – keep with it!

    • Photo: Andrew Phillips

      Andrew Phillips answered on 19 Jun 2015:

      I was lucky that my parents were supportive – I think they would have been whatever I decided to do. I do remember being shocked when I went to university and they weren’t able to answer most of things I was asking them to do with coursework. I guess it shows how quickly you advance beyond A-levels!