• Question: Are you under pressure to win the 500 pound

    Asked by Tyler to Andrew, Lizzie, Nick, Sonia, Chuen on 23 Jun 2015.
    • Photo: Elizabeth Kapasa

      Elizabeth Kapasa answered on 23 Jun 2015:

      Interesting question… I guess only the pressure I put on myself. I’m quite competitive and I really want the money to help the children’s book go national! (See my profile for more info) Please #VoteLizzie!

    • Photo: Andrew Phillips

      Andrew Phillips answered on 23 Jun 2015:

      It would be nice, but if you mean from my employers or anyone else, no, not really. The online resources are something that I would like to develop, as opposed to anything that anyone is making me do. I think the best engineers recognise the importance of explaining things to a wide audience to push themselves more than anyone else pushes them.